R v W Reading Crown Court

The defendant, a youth was charged s.18 GBH and possession of a bladed article. The Crown Prosecution Service’s case was that the defendant attacked the complainant in an unprovoked attack. The jury accepted the defence case that the defendant was acting in self defence and acquitted him of all charges.

R v JB Harrow Crown Court 2017

The defendant was involved in a knife fight, described by the prosecution as ‘a fight to the death’. Charged with section 18 GBH and possession of an offensive weapon, following a full trial the jury accepted the defence that this was a matter of self defence and acquitted the defendant of all charges.

R v K Nottingham Crown Court 2018

The defendant was charged with Section 18 and child cruelty x2. Following a trial at Nottingham Crown Court, K was acquitted of the more serious offences of Section 18 Grievous Bodily Harm with intent, which carries a life sentence, but convicted of the less serious offence of Section 20 Grievous Bodily Harm without intent. As a result, he received a 3 1/2 year custodial sentence. The defendant in this case required robust cross-examination of the Crown’s Paediatric experts.

R v HJ Gloucestershire Crown Court 2016

The defendant was charged with Section 18 GBH with intent, an offence that carries a life sentence. Also possession of an offensive weapon. The defendant was acquitted of the Section 18 and pleaded guilty to Section 20 GBH without intent and possession of an offensive weapon. The defendant received a 27 month custodial sentence.

R v A Oxford Crown Court 2016

The defendant was charged with one count of grievous bodily harm. This case was difficult due to the defendant’s learning difficulties and mental health difficulties. Notwithstanding this, after a full trial the jury reached a verdict of not guilty and the case against our client was dismissed. The court were provided with information from a psychologist and psychiatrist instructed by Hennessy & Hammudi in order to assist in understanding how the defendant’s mental health difficulties would impact on his ability to exercise judgement.

R v Mongan Harrow Crown Court 2014

The defendant originally faced trial for the offences of grievous bodily harm, actual bodily harm and violent disorder. Following robust representations made by Hennessy & Hammudi, the Crown were persuaded to accept a guilty plea to a charge of affray. As a result the defendant received a 12 month suspended sentence order of imprisonment.