Funding Your Case

In Police Station

If you are detained in the police station, you are entitled to free legal advice which will involve a solicitor attending the police station to represent you throughout your time at the police station.  However many times you are required to return to the police station during the course of a criminal investigation, there is no limit on the number of times that Hennessy and Hammudi Solicitors will attend with you. We believe that the most important part of a prosecution is what takes place in the police station and for that reason we urge our clients to exercise their right to free and independent legal advice.

Criminal Court Proceedings

Whilst all cases involving adults within the criminal justice system are now means tested, the vast majority of our work is publicly funded, however we provide competitive rates for those not eligible for Legal Aid due to their means.  Of course, with our proactive defending, if you are found not guilty of the charge that you face we will assist you in recovering some of your cost for the defence of your case.